Coming home to find that the place you find safety and solace has been broken into is bad enough, but when you also discover that someone has stolen your prized possessions, that might be even worse.

When 11-year-old Tontrevion Campbell and his mom returned to their Memphis, TN, house just a few days ago, they found that many of their valuables had been taken. The family had been at church when their home was burglarized. Among the things stolen? The young boy’s old Xbox and all his games.

While it was a hand-me-down, Campbell cherished it, as his family can’t afford many fancy things.

Officers arrived on the scene and began questioning the boy.

They discovered that he wouldn’t be asking for another one for Christmas. He told them, “My mom works long hours and several jobs…;she uses that money to just pay the bills; I am not gonna even ask.”

Knowing they had to do something to help out, officers Jerry Graves and Antonio Martin went to a GameStop between calls and bought him a brand-new gaming system and three games!

When the store clerk learned what they were doing, the store also donated another controller to the kid.

They took the surprise gifts to Campbell’s home and asked if they were his — naturally he said no.

When they told him they were in fact his, both Campbell and his mom broke into tears.

(via Huffington Post)

We need more people like these in the world — who go out of their way to do something simple yet so heartwarming. I’m sure that Campbell won’t soon forget their incredible gesture…what a merry early Christmas!