A well known restaurant in New York City wanted to find out what exactly was the cause of their bad reviews. They hadn”t seen a huge increase in customer numbers over the past ten years, yet they still found themselves constantly in need of more and more staff to cover the tables and combat a reputation of apparently slow service. When matters didn”t get better, they finally decided to seek outside help and hired an investigative firm to get to the bottom of things. Their method: looking back over security footage of the restaurant from 10 years ago and compare it to footage from today. They posted the results on Craigslist for everyone to see…

(H/T: LifeBuzz.) The open letter concludes, “We are grateful for everyone who comes into our restaurant, after all there are so many choices out there. But can you please be a bit more considerate?” I”ll definitely think twice next time I feel the need to Instagram my brunch. Share the eye-opening info with your friends by clicking the link below.