Jessica Brett was born with a large mole covering one side of her head. Since it was mainly under her hair, it wouldn”t have been an issue if the mole were benign. However, the tissue was thought to be precancerous, and, due to its location, it would have been inoperable had it turned out to be malignant. The mole would have to be removed, but that would require a large skin graft. To avoid such a procedure, doctors tried a strange but effective treatment.

The balloons were arranged along the top of Jessica”s scalp; many people mistook them for buns. You can also see the mole on the side of her head.

Doctors inserted balloons under Jessica”s scalp to stretch the healthy skin (and its hair follicles) covering the area from where the mole was removed. This treatment was the first of its kind, with balloons inserted along Jessica”s head in a style that, from a distance, resembled a mohawk hairstyle. The balloons were slowly inflated over a period of six months with more than a pint and a half of saline solution to thoroughly stretch her skin.

From the front, Jessica”s hair resembles a pompadour hairdo.

According to Jessica”s mother, Becky, Jessica remained unruffled by the procedure, even though it altered the shape of her head. “She was really braveit just didn”t bother her,” Becky told Metro. “She looked like she had buns on her head, and people used to comment on how they liked her “hairstyle.””

After the initial procedure was complete, a fourth balloon was placed on the side of her head. This was to provide skin to replace the extra bit of the mole that reached past her natural hairline and onto her face.

Finally, after more than six months, the balloons were drained and the mole was safely removed. The healthy skin was then grafted on, and Jessica”s head was once again smooth. Her hair is still shorn, but she doesn”t mind. She took inspiration from singer Jessie J, who recently cropped her hair for charity. We think Jessica looks great with short hair, anyway.

Jessica after the entire procedure was complete.

(source Metro)

Today, the mole is completely gone, and Jessica no longer has to worry about the health complications it could have caused. Perhaps the most amazing part was Jessica”s unwaveringly positive attitude through the whole thing. “Jessica and her parents were exemplary with…how they complied with all the instructions and kept smiling throughout this difficult time,” said a spokesperson from the Leicester Royal Infirmary.