Source: YouTube/ZBC-ZenTa Channel

Source: YouTube/ZBC-ZenTa Channel

In case you needed proof magic is real, here’s further evidence to support your theory. Well, we can only assume magic is real after seeing this video of a woman apparently disappearing during a live TV interview.

In the video, a man is being interviewed for a news broadcast in what looks to be an airport. Behind him, a blonde-haired woman is standing with her arms folded. Another woman approaches and says something to the blonde woman. As the second woman moves in front of her, the blonde woman vanishes right before our eyes.


The strange video is turning heads all over the Internet, with millions of shares and theories as to the woman’s disappearance. She’s blonde, so perhaps she’s a modern-day Alice? Lewis Carroll hasn’t returned our email.

Maybe she fell into a rift in the space-time continuum? Maybe she’s simply moving parallel behind the other woman? Probably the latter, but we really hope the former.

Either way, her 15 minutes of Internet fame have given us something to pass the time this Friday afternoon.