Source: YouTube/Cody'sLab

Source: YouTube/Cody’sLab

For cat owners, we are often left scratching our heads when we walk into a room to find our curious feline perched high up on some shelf with no discernible explanation for how the cat managed to find its way up there – it’s in the middle of the wall several feet from everything!!

But for one kitten, it seems this unexplained phenomenon isn’t exclusive to being indoors.

In the video below, YouTube user Cody’sLab stumbled upon a poor, little kitten in the middle of a sunflower patch dangling between two large stems. How’d the kitten get there? She provides no clear-cut answers to “Cody,” but her meows are clearly veering toward, “Stop filming human and get me down from here!!”

“Cody” doesn’t take too long to finally getting around to rescuing the kitten, and we’re glad he came along when he did. Never change your inquisitive nature, little cat. We’ll always be there to pluck you from the sunflower patch.