Pamela Anderson

Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Pamela Anderson has officially joined the movie remake of her hit television show Baywatch.

The 48-year-old actress played C.J. Parker in the series about lifeguards from 1992 to 1997. She had previously admitted she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be involved in the film reboot but it seems she has changed her mind.

Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of himself with Anderson on his Instagram page in the early hours of Friday morning, confirming her as a member of the cast.

“She introduced the world to ‘CJ Parker’ and became one of the most iconic characters of a generation – for the most successful TV show of all time,” Johnson, who is also producing the movie, wrote in the caption.

“A pleasure to welcome (as gorgeous as ever) Pamela Anderson to our #BAYWATCH cast. We couldn’t have made this movie without you. Welcome home. Thrilled you had a blast with us!”

It is unclear as yet what role Anderson will play in the film, as model Kelly Rohrbach is taking on the part of Parker for the reboot. In the snap with Johnson, however, the actor is wearing his lifeguard ensemble as he plays Mitch Buchannon, the role made famous by David Hasselhoff, in the film – suggesting Anderson’s outfit could be a hint to her on-screen character.

The mother-of-two is the latest former cast member to join the movie adaptation – Hasselhoff will also feature in the film.

Anderson previously revealed her debate as to whether she should get involved with the new film project.

“Well, they called me and asked me to be in it, but I haven’t decided yet,” she explained to Harper’s Bazaar. “I don’t know. I don’t like remakes of TV shows and I kind of want to leave it as is and be remembered for that. I don’t know if I wanna go on Baywatch and be like, the old lady working at a counter somewhere.”

Zac Efron also stars. Baywatch is set to hit theaters in 2017.