It is pretty much a given at this point that liberals will be offended by pretty much anything, even movies meant to entertain small children.

Because there could not possibly be more important things going on in the world, feminists have now turned their attention to the childrens movie Minions only to become outraged over the lack of female Minions.

No Joke, they are seriously upset over this… But have no fear, Minions creator Pierre Coffin has jumped in to clear the air.

Via LouderWithCrowder

According to Minions creator Pierre Coffin, in fact, all the title characters in Universals prequel to two Despicable Me hits are male, voiced by male actors (including Coffin himself).
For the French animator, who co-directed the new film with Kyle Balda, the masculine-only nature of the Minions owes to their all-around cloddishness. Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldnt imagine Minions being girls, he told TheWrap.

There you have it, Minions are male because their are dumb, happy now feminazis?