The egg diet is becoming more and more popular thanks to the world famous stars who have lost weight with this diet.

Adrian Brody lost 13 kilos for the role in The Pianist, with the egg diet, adding steamed fish and vegetables.6

Serve yourselves with eggs! You are allowed to eat 6 eggs (only the whites) and 150g of fish or chicken. Fell free to enrich the menu with fresh salads of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, but also add parsley and arugula. Don’t forget to eat spinach every other day. You will lose 8-10kilos in 10 days.

Start the day with two egg whites and tomato salad.

For lunch mix 2 egg whites with grilled or steamed fish or chicken and salad of cucumbers or lettuce.

For dinner, eat 2 egg whites, steamed spinach or some other steamed vegetable. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water and green tea during the day.

As you can see from this mono diet based on eggs, there are neither fats nor carbohydrates, only proteins and fibers. That is the secret of losing weight.