What would you do if you saw an animal stuck in a perilous situation? Would you walk on by and continue your day, or would you do something to help?

That was the problem facing people in Danvers, Massachusetts. Citizens walking near a sewer in the area quickly discovered a woodchuck trapped in the sewer’s grate. Instead of ignoring its cries and pleas for help, these kind people called the local authorities to come by and help get the little guy unstuck.

Thanks to Cindi Hudson for sending along this video of the woodchuck being freed this morning!

Posted by Danvers Police Department (Official) on Friday, August 8, 2014

That little guy got a happy ending, and I’m sure he’s thankful that so many people helped him get out. Next time you see an animal stuck like this, be sure to notify the authorities. They can definitely save the animal’s life.