As an avid horse fan, Sunny Bayne has met her share of equestrian cuties, but it was the little lady she met a few days ago that took the triple crown of cuteness.

After playfully galloping up to greet her guest, the foal proceeds to snuggle right up to Bayne while she”s kneeling. Find out what happens next and why Bayne shared on her Facebook that this was the “happiest moment” of her life. (After watching the short clip, we can”t say we blame her.)

This is the happiest moment of my life!!!!!! I have been around a ton of foals but not one quite like this gem! She”s one in a million! This Filly is By Glenmore Sneakers and out of Glenmore Chardonnay Pearl. Owner Meg Miranda

Posted by Sunny Bayne on Friday, April 17, 2015

(source Facebook / Sunny Bayne)

The video spread across Facebook over the weekend and is currently clocking in at over 10 million views. Bayne posted another status following the viral success and gave all the credit to the happy foal, saying, “She is ONE in a million! Heck let”s get crazy and say a billion. Love her little pea pickin heart.”

I think it”s safe to say we all agree!